Avanto 1.5 Tesla MRI

Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto MRI 1.5T 2010 Coil list: Head Coil 12ch ,Neck Coil 4ch, Spine Coil 24ch, Foot/Ankle Coil 8ch Body Coil 26ch ,PA Coil16ch with Storage Cart ,Breast Coil 4ch ,Knee Coil 8ch ,Wrist Coil 8ch ,Shoulder Array 4ch ,CP Flex Coil Large ,CP Flex Coil Adapter and Flex Coil Cable ,Coil Storage Cart ,Comfort Vacuum Kit ,Headphones Computer version: Multimodality Workplace with Microsoft Windows XP 64: Syngo 2008C Software Version: VE31A

Rs. 290,00,000

Configuration :

  • Model: Avanto 1.5 Tesla MRI
  • Make: Siemens
  • Year: 2011
  • Category: MRI